Get a “Scientifically better clean” with the Purteq and DrivePur line of products. Purlife is the exclusive Canadian Distributor of advanced cleaning systems.

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Hospitality and Entertainment

The Purlife product line is the best ally to constantly maintain the indoor air  and surface quality of your establishment.


Industrial and Retail

The Purlife  product line provides with clean, odor free, sanitized air to attend the needs of any indoor size facility, from an office or store at the mall or covered stadium.


Marine and Transportation

The Purlife product line is designed for the marine environment to provide with indoor clean air for any size boat, yacht, mega yacht, ship, and marine service buildings.


Health and Education

The Scientifically Advanced Clean is the perfect complement to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants from air and surfaces reducing the spread of contagious diseases.

“Purteq came through for us on extremely short notice, treated the bar, and left the place smelling better than ever. ”

Patrick Droyzd
Cobalt Night Club